2011 Fall Top Art Shows Modern Painters

Marylyn Dintenfass Art Info Top Fall 100
Fall Top Art Shows 2011 Modern Painters Art Info

For its September 2011 issue, Modern Painters magazine selected a comprehensive list for this year’s fall art season. Ranging through galleries all over the world from Berlin to Seoul to Beijing and including artists like Sterling Ruby, Christian Marclay, Marylyn Dintenfass, and Cory Arcangel, this is the one guide you’ll need to survive the upcoming tumult of art shows.

What follows is a list of fall gallery shows worldwide that we feel should not be missed. Making it onto the list was not easy; our selection was culled from hundreds of upcoming exhibitions. but we add the caveat that we could only choose from those that had been scheduled by our midsummer press deadline. that said, we’re sure these will delight you and keep you busy.

“Each ‘Mirror Painting’ is part of a specific time, a specific moment. They’re a kind of document of life.” ~ Michelangelo Pistoletto

“Together the two shows offer two totally different experiences of the ‘Soundsuits.’ One is like walking into a frozen frame of ‘Soundsuits’ interacting on a playground without rules that’s been elevated to the most extraordinary degree of indulgence.

“The other opens with Mating season, an encounter of white-haired bunny boys interacting and suggesting a sublimed play of fornication, leading into a series of monochromatic figurative landscapes.” ~ Nick Cave

“These objects lie at the intersection of the interior and the exterior of our natural environment. Like a bird nest or bear den, a home is an expression of our ability to fashion what is outside, reordered to become inside.” ~ Matthew Day Jackson

“With these new pieces I am just continuing the idea I have been working with for a while, which is how to get the look and feel (energy, spontaneity) of my drawings to translate into large-scale canvases. Making bigger marks and having more confidence seem to be the key. Let’s see what happens!” ~ Eddie Martinez

“The central work of the exhibition, the welcome guest , marvels at the role that beauty plays in the natural world and wonders if human genetic engineering would ever prioritize the extravagance of beauty over the functionality of the body to the degree that natural evolution does.” ~ Patricia Piccinini